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San Jose Photography

The Photographer for Your Every Need

San Jose is a modern city found in the Northern part of the State of California. It is also the largest city in the Bay Area of Northern California and home to about a million residents. Often, it is referred to as “The Capital of Silicon Valley” owing to its close proximity to the technology -based industry and innovations’ hub that is the heartbeat of the American tech-arena.  San Jose, CA is home to the Hayes Mansion, San Jose State University, Winchester Mystery House, The Tech Museum, the historical Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, and a number of beautiful parks and san jose

B&B Photo and Video

We are a creative team, specialists in high-quality and professional photography and video services. We use cutting-edge technology to bring your ideas to life and preserve life’s precious memories. Our services include Baby/Newborn Photography, Senior Photography, Wedding Photography, Maternity Photography, Family Portraits, Headshot Photography and Events Photography.

Importance of Taking Photographs.

Photographs capture images and preserve precious life’s memories for a long time, moments which would easily be forgotten as time goes by. It helps us stay in touch with events that took place in the past and relate to them in the most appropriate way.

Photos can also come in handy in legal matters when verification of certain instances may be required in litigation and related issues.

Photographs capture an individual’s life journey. The transition from a new-born to adulthood is quite exhilarating and if documented through photography makes one appreciate the long journey, events and wonders of nature leading to the current stage in life.

Sometimes, one thing might have led to another and failure to capture a chapter of life through photography occurred, an example being the pregnancy period. It can’t be reversed and it hurts. However, it is never too late to start, whichever the stage, whatever the time. The present time is always right to start.

Our San Jose Photography Services

Here below is the range of services we offer and what entails the packages:


Family portraits are without a doubt some of the most important souvenirs a family can keep. They help us remember some of the most special moments we spend with those ones close and dear to us. If well done, they are vivid story-tellers of our precious families through the years spent together in life with the common bond of blood, love and friendship.

It is important to capture every new and significant development in a family like a new entrant in a family- a newborn, schooling years, and graduations among others. This can be on both scales of a Nuclear Family and Extended Family to include the cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews and grandparents to make it even more comprehensive and magical. Nothing matters more than our families after all and we should thus spend some time to capture the beauty of life with our loved ones. It’s best done by professionals and at B&B Photo, we offer nothing but the best when it comes to capturing your special moments on camera.

Our core mandate is bringing your ideas to life professionally and creating a variety of different creative family portraits. Your session is taken care of to include all desired ideas and effects on your family photos. Our dedicated team of professional and seasoned photographers ensures your creative and quality needs are satisfied to produce clear reminders of your precious family moments. Trust us to produce the perfect and long-lasting memories for you.


One of the most unforgettable and important phases is a woman’s life is definitely the maternity period. It is a time of excitement, caution, anticipation and satisfaction as well. It is a growing trend to take photographs during maternity/ pregnancy and it has a number of benefits. Chief among them is the appreciation of the long and humbling journey that is the pregnancy period. You will appreciate the growth from the tiny start to bigger levels amidst numerous experiences.

Where applicable, we allow inclusion of family members. These make it more meaningful and better. The feeling of love and support is a big factor when in this phase and family members are the best to make it worthwhile because maternity photography might feel intimidating. The period may also be stressful but a family neutralizes all these negative feelings. Incorporating creative props. We include baby-related props in the maternity photo shoot. Examples are little clothes or shoes, written messages, preserved goodies for the to-be-born and any other desired item to give prominence to this moment.

Different settings. We consider a number of great locations. It can be done outdoors, indoors or in studio. The background speaks a lot too and is factor worth some thought.

We help our clients think of different poses before the actual photo shoot. This helps in creativity and comfort during the shoot for desired outcomes. Our experts may suggest a few styles or even friends who have great ideas and who might have gone through it previously.

All said, maternity photography is a beautiful trend contrary to popular belief that women in pregnancy don’t feel or look beautiful. It’s worth the try lest you end up regretting why you never had it while your friends all did, and everyone absolutely loves it!

B&B Photo is your one-stop shop for maternity/ pregnancy photography to help you tell your motherhood and family story in pictures. Our professional photographers are the best to help you create memories you will never forget and ones that you will cherish forever. Don’t let the magical nine months of pregnancy pass un-captured.

Baby | Newborn Photography San Jose

Newborn/Infant/Baby photography is a must-have! The magical gift of newborns can’t be ignored. Time flies and a newborn’s infancy will be over in no time. With all the challenges that it carries, this phase can easily pass unnoticed and therefore needs to be captured before it is gone forever! The little angels are newborns for only less than three months and you will be amazed at the quick transformation they undergo. The only way to preserve this magical chapter is taking professional baby portraits to be a constant reminder of the exciting time of a baby’s early life.

Our professional photography services at B&B Photo will capture every moment, from the smiles to the giggles and even the sound sleep. We will not miss to take great shots of the infant’s innocence and tiny features of their life’s start. You will definitely cherish this for a long time to come. Our creative team will help you come up with great ideas for the photo shoot to make it even more fantastic and stunning. We guarantee the best newborn portraits with a distinguished touch of professionalism and creativity.

We capture every milestone in your newborn’s life in desired time-schedules and styles. Ensure the miraculous first moments of your baby are captured and preserved for a lifetime for future reference, laughter and appreciation of life’s best kept mysteries and greatest gift.

Senior Portraits San Jose

Another important milestone: High School! The high school senior portraits are a must-have too. They are almost synonymous to a rite of passage in life and we simply can’t resist them. High school senior portraits tell the story of a young individual who is at last beginning to understand life. Life makes a sudden and big change upon leaving high school. This exciting yet very important phase of life is best documented through creation of powerful images that are a great reminder of life’s most enjoyable phase laced with unending fun and that is what photography does. The beauty of taking high school senior portraits is the self-understanding of the individual. You know what you want and how you want it done to represent who you really are. These are more than just pictures and image is everything, especially at this stage! It’s all about you and what you stand for in life.

B&B Photo unleashes the very best of you with our passionate, super-creative and professional team of photographers. We guarantee you the best, dynamic and creative high school portraits that will make you smile for eternity remembering the moments you lived through high school. You have the privilege of choosing desired locations, backgrounds and the freedom of expressing yourself to bring out the real you and what you feel about yourself. Trust us to make it a memorable fete! Our promise is to see to it that we help you produce breathtaking photographs to quench your thirst for splendid photographs that will make you proud and stand tall among your peers.

Headshot Photographer San Jose

Headshots make or break it in the ‘real’ world of making something out of your life. Image is a powerful asset in the business arena and perfect headshots are a necessity. Long years of childhood and an equally long spell of education lead to this; looking for a job or clinching business deals. Entrepreneurs, business operatives and professionals in any field, white or blue- collar need this to create impressions and get business going. Headshots that communicate and open doors are as important as CVs and professionalism is accentuated by these. Excellent headshots can eliminate or weaken competition and give you a competitive edge above others. Your LinkedIn profile should definitely have one of these, well taken and leaving nothing to chance.

B&B Photo understands this only too well and we strive to bring to life that professional, serious, yet calm look to present on your online or offline profiles. We demonstrate your professional appearance by producing perfect headshots for branding and the realization of a strong corporate and business image. Do you struggle getting interviews regarding job applications or invites to business deals? Your headshot might be the problem! May be you don’t look ‘good’ enough for serious engagements in your headshot. Let us get your real business image, consult the experts at B&B Photo to help you achieve it. Your struggle sending countless employment applications or business proposals which go unanswered might soon be over thanks to this much needed make-over.

Events Photography

Different occasions and events will dominate your life and the best among them should be best recorded through photography. These may be corporate, social, religious or political events and we cover a wide range of all at very competitive prices with a special touch of professionalism. It is great and needful to cover birthday parties, prom and other school events, conventions and conferences, company anniversaries, book and product launches, graduations, sports and many other types of events for future reference and preservation of the notable events in an institution’s or family’s calendar.

Our comprehensive scope of services cater for all these events to ensure no memories are lost or forgotten. We guarantee you the best photography services at your doorstep or any desired locations including our studios. The professionalism exhibited by our team of ace photographers is unrivaled and brings produces nothing but the best life-like images to represent the actual life scenario.

San Jose Wedding Photographer

Another very big day in your life and as it approaches, securing the services of a good photographer is very important. You have made a life-commitment and are about to swear to it. There is no better way to record this momentous occasion and tell your love story than through the trusted use of photography. Photographs are effortlessly as important as the wedding itself because without them, the wedding experience will be a fast- forgotten memory not just to the couple but the families involved and friends, many who play a crucial role in our lives. Hiring a good photographer is one of the extremely important aspects of planning a wedding and a major factor in its entire success. If it has not been photographed, it really does not exist.

When it comes to weddings, great care should be taken as this is just a single day yet the biggest in a couple’s life. Hiring an amateur or a relative might prove to be a terrible mistake as they may lack the technical know-how of how best to handle such a big task. Friends and relatives are emotionally-connected to the events unfolding and while this is not strange or negative, they will very likely miss very important parts of the lifetime event.

A couple needs a story-teller, one who will deliver the story of their love and matrimonial union through the great photographs of the day right from the preparations to the start of honeymoon or even beyond if desired. The photographer must possess key attributes of patience and attentiveness to detail. It is also important to be at comfort with them as you will expose very intimate moments of your relationship to their eyes. The great significance of this day is incomparable to none other and you should ensure the selected photographer has a proven track record of flawless success in such big and momentous ventures. If appropriate, ask a few questions to ascertain their level of professionalism and experience. A worthy photographer should have a very impressive portfolio of wedding pictures they have taken at different points of their careers which they will gladly share with you to establish their credibility. With this attested, you are least likely to be subjected to disappointments come the big day.

We take great pride in the number of weddings we have captured through our lenses. The Benipayo photographers have witnessed scores of couples tie the knot, and helped them capture the biggest day in their lives through professional photography. For at least a day, our photographers become your best friend, never letting a single moment slip by unnoticed or un-captured. Our service takes care of recording the memories you will treasure forever from the build-up to the actual ceremony, the entourage, the dress, the vows, exchange of rings and the lengthy photo session in all desired locations and later the after-party/ reception. We also give useful tips on wedding photography to spice up the lifetime experience for sweet memories to be treasured forever after.

Our Photoshop Expertise

By now you must have probably heard or experienced Photoshop in some way or the other, we are firmly in the computer age and you can’t afford to have photos that are far from perfect, not with the great advancements in technology! At B&B Photo, we know the importance and allure of near-perfect images and we use the most-advanced, cutting-edge technology available today to create the most outstanding and breath -taking photographs. Photoshop lets you tell your story more vividly, creatively and perfectly. Our in-house team of experts is highly-trained and skilled to incorporate the use of Photoshop if and as desired to make your photos satisfying.

We employ the use of Photoshop to eliminate unwanted details in your photos and add desired aspects to them. Blemishes, scars, pimples and wrinkles are all possible to eradicate from your photos. We do this by using a ‘healing brush’ and zooming into the desired areas of interest cleaning them up and effectively minimizing their visibility. We also enhance the original image by adding special Photoshop effects to achieve that amazing look. This is done expertly to minimize overdoing and noticeable change in a picture versus the real life and natural version of the same. You can hardly tell the difference yet the images have a striking edge of beauty and finesse in them.

To enhance the quality of our work, we use specific high-quality products for the production and holding of the ultimate photographs. Below are some of them:

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints that are of good quality and creativity bring out real beauty and unparalleled sophistication to your home through your pictures. They have fun and style that makes your pictures demand attention and your walls get ‘talking’ . The canvas ranges in size and design and easily becomes the center of attraction of any room in your home due to its enchanting beauty. Custom canvas prints beat typical framed prints anytime if well designed and our team of experts are at hand to ensure you get the most perfect designs to add onto your home decor.

The importance of a good-grade professional print from a lab is one very important ingredient for a long-lasting photograph. Fading is prevented and the quality of the picture does not change when a good-quality print is used which is not the case when poor-quality prints are used. It might lead to eventual fading and consequently, complete loss of a treasured memory, how painful would that be!


Photo albums are an age-old tradition that has stood the test of time. They are essential storage vessels for preserving memories captured in photographs and vary in size and designs. Some also have varying backgrounds and cover options and come in handy to protect photographs from damage by different elements while presenting your pictures in an organized manner.

Our Promise

We promise real attention to detail and great service. Our professional photographers are keen to produce the best portraits for you. We have had the special and lengthy honor working in this creative field. Our team has accumulated an indispensable wealth of experience in modern photography and knows just what works and what does not. We take as many photographs as possible and you only choose from the best at no extra cost. .

Everyone wants value for their money and time and we strive to meet your expectations when you trust us to produce your pictures ranging from Newborn , Senior, Maternity, Family and Headshots photography. We appreciate the fact that all these types of photography carry with them different and cherished memories for you and your loved ones through generations. B&B Photo is a market-leader and a dependable photography service for all your needs in San Jose, CA and beyond.

In the unfortunate event that you, our client is not satisfied with the photographs taken for whatever reason, B&B Photo assures you of a re-shoot of all photographs (except weddings) to meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction. Our services are tailored to meet modern- day photography, creativity and professionalism. We guarantee you our best service that is second to none. With us, you can rest assured of photography that meets your expectations. Contacts us for your next photo shoot and you will be immensely satisfied by our exceptional photography. As time flies, you’ll be glad you took the time and spent money to document different instances. Trust us, the memories are worth everything!


B&B Photo

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